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Ashley Steineger
poetry therapist

"To write is poetry is to be alive."

-Rainer Maria Rilke

pen symbolizing the power of poetry therapy
Ashley Steineger, Poetry Therapist


Welcome! I am a holistic psychologist and poetry therapist who believes poetry is the language of healing. By combining my passion for poetry with my desire to help others, I have created Poetry Therapy sessions, groups, and workshops for anyone seeking a creative way to heal and grow. Using poetry in a healing setting has been shown to reduce levels of anxiety and depression, and increase self-awareness, empathy, and self-esteem. If you are looking for a creative way to heal that goes beyond talk therapy, Poetry  Therapy may be the perfect fit for your healing journey. 

I hold my Master's of Clinical Psychology, and returned to graduate school in 2017 for my Master’s of Fine Arts (MFA) in Poetry. I have special interest in working with highly sensitive people (HSPs) and anyone who has been told they are "too sensitive.” If you are often overstimulated by the world, feel deeply moved by beauty and sadness, or have the desire to help others but find it difficult to separate your emotions from theirs, then we may be a great fit for your therapy journey. I embrace diversity and my doors are open to anyone with a genuine desire to heal. For talk therapy sessions, visit


When I’m not engaging with poetry, you can find me hiking in nature, especially by water. I am a fan of quaint coffee shops, laughing until I cry, and cats. I look forward to meeting you!

*Poetry Therapy sessions are available to anyone living in the state of North Carolina, though I offer individual Healing with Poetry sessions for those located anywhere else!  Contact me today for more information.

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Poetry is one of the oldest healing arts in human history. Simply, Poetry Therapy is the use of poems for healing and growth.

In individual Poetry Therapy sessions, we work together to find meaning in your struggles, using poems as tools to help evoke and process emotions. Each session is tailored to meet your unique needs. Most sessions are a blend of talk therapy and incorporating poetry, though we will focus on what you feel is most important. As a holistic psychologist, I am skilled at helping you find the best way to heal and grow. Contact me to schedule your first appointment, or to learn more!




Goals of Poetry Therapy

  • To ventilate intense or overwhelming emotions (catharsis)

  • To promote greater self-esteem by cultivating creativity and aiding in self-expression

  • To identify and validate thoughts and emotions that are difficult to articulate

  • To strengthen interpersonal and communication skills

  • To promote oneness, empathy, and a shared a sense of universality

  • To find new or renewed life meaning

  • To promote positive change and increase coping resources

  • To gain a more accurate and realistic perception of oneself

  • To create positive, safe spaces to share emotions

Writing poems provides catharsis for troubling emotions, freely offering a non-judgmental medium for self-expression. 

Reading the poetry of others can foster feelings of empathy, empowerment and inclusiveness.

Research has shown that Poetry Therapy can lead to a myriad of positive effects. Through creative language, metaphor, symbol, and story, Poetry Therapy can be helpful for most anyone looking to heal while simultaneously creating something beautiful!

Workshops and Groups

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